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Blu-Ray questions

  1. Why is Blu-Ray better than DVD?
  2. What do I need to watch Blu-Ray films?

Why is Blu-Ray better than DVD?

Blu-Ray has been designed to make full use of the new high-definition screens that are now popular, it gives a more detailed picture than a regular DVD can. A Blu-Ray disc can also hold a lot more information, allowing for extra bonus material and things like that.

What do I need to watch Blu-Ray films?

You need a TV that's capable of high-definition (known as a HDTV) and a Blu-Ray player to put the discs into.

Glossary of Blu-Ray terms

(See Full HD).
BD Live
An online service that lets users download extra content related to their Blu-Ray disc through the Internet. A growing number of players are now supporting BD Live.
Full HD
The highest resolution supported by the HD standard, i.e. 1920x1080 pixels, also abbreviated to 1080p.
HD-DVD was a rival format to Blu-Ray but has now been rendered obsolete.
HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface and is a standard type of connector/socket used for linking HD devices together. The cables look like this:

HDMI cable

A TV set that supports the HD standard, in part or in full.
High Definition (HD)
A standard aiming to take TV viewing to the next level by offering higher resolutions (resulting in a clearer picture) than those previously seen on standard TV screens.
A picture on a TV or monitor screen is made up from thousands of coloured dots, a pixel is one of these dots. The more pixels a screen can support the more potential it has for showing a detailed image.

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